The primary benefits of registering a trademark are (1) legal presumption of trademark ownership; (2) legal presumption of exclusive right to use trademark; (3) putting public on notice of trademark ownership; (4) trademark is listed in USPTO; (5) ability to record registration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection; (6) ability to bring legal action concerning trademark in federal court; (7) ability to use registration as basis for foreign filing; AND (8) ability to use federal registration.

Registering U.S. Trademark requires filing a federal trademark application with USPTO. Ishimbayev Law Firm provides this service for a flat fee.
US Trademark Registration package:

  • Federal trademark search
  • State trademark search
  • Prepare and file federal trademark application with the USPTO for one class of goods or services (USPTO’s fee per class of goods or services is $225)
  • Response to USPTO’s official letter (Office Action)
  • Monitor trademark application progress
  • Trademark registration certificate

Please contact us to learn about New York State trademark registration.