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Employment Law

Employment is something to which most Americans aspire. Work gives a sense of purpose not just to the employee but, at its best, helps build a business or organization which contributes to society. This relationship is beneficial in that it allows talented people to get together and work toward a common goal improving the business and allowing the employees to earn a livelihood. However, it is not without its drawbacks for an employer that is not properly prepared with the right agreements, documentation, and a thorough employee handbook. Our firm is able to provide tailored representation, so you and your business are in the strongest position possible when onboarding new employees.


Employee Handbook


The figurative employee Bible, the employee handbook must contain everything and anything regarding employee leave, employee pay schedules, and a litany of other benefits employers offer their employees as reward for a job well done. Working with our team of experienced lawyers, you can craft an employee handbook appropriate to your business size, means, and objectives. In it, you can also include other appropriate instructions for employees as required by law or even by your corporate ethos. While crafting an employee handbook may seem to be a daunting task, our firm will get your input every step of the way and create a timeless document you can you from your first employee you hire to the latest.


Employment Agreement


For all employers, employment agreements are required to ensure that both employers and employees have a clear expectation of what needs to be provided on both ends of the spectrum. These agreements often include salary considerations, benefit agreements, and other crucial information including potential non-compete clauses. Some businesses who hire employees choose to use cookie cutter agreements that just satisfy the bare minimum. Working with our firm, you’ll get customized agreement to every employee and role so that your employee is clear on what to expect and you are granted the maximum protection possible.


Executive Compensation


While most employees work for a salary only and some benefits, executive compensation is usually more complex. Senior executives often receive a lower base salary in exchange for stock options, bonuses, or other incentives which help make working for your company competitive. This requires a careful balancing act between company and executive which our firm can help you successfully navigate. No matter how you choose to structure executive compensation, our firm is here to help you strike the right balance.


Independent Contractor Agreement 


There are many roles that, while heavily involved in one project, are not mission critical to the company and may not need to be assigned permanent status. For example, if a company brings in a web developer for a website overhaul, there may be substantial need for that person for a few months, but it does not justify the creation of a position or a budget line item for that individual. This is where an independent contractor agreement comes in which defines a set amount of money for the job, the liability of the company, and what is expected from the contractor. This common arrangement protects both the contractor and the company. Our firm can help you ensure that any independent contractor agreement is thorough and captures both parties’ understanding of the arrangement.

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