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Licenses & Permits

For a variety of businesses, licenses and permits are not only encouraged but required. Depending on your business, they can be tough to obtain and even tougher to keep if you don’t know every part of the law that pertains to what you do. Our experienced attorneys can help ensure you get your license or permit and know what to do to keep it.


Marijuana License


Dispensaries have been popping up to help serve the needs of their customers whether they be medicinal or recreational. While many uses of marijuana are legal, the patchwork of city, state, and federal laws can be confusing and, worse, land you in jail if you are in flagrant violation. Working with our firm, you can narrowly tailor your application, the products you sell and who you sell them to in order to make sure you are in full compliance with all applicable laws at all times.


Alcohol & Beverage License


Alcohol & beverage licenses are notoriously difficult to get due to the stringent rules regarding who can consume, the manner of consumption, and the hours you can serve or sell. Despite these hurdles, our firm has a track record of getting things done and working with you and regulators to obtain the license you need. No matter what manner of business you need an alcohol & beverage license for, we will work with you to build the best case for one.


Trucking & Moving


One of the most common industries in America is still one of the most difficult to break in to. Trucking and moving need a raft of permits to help either haul goods from across state lines or across the country to around the corner. Our office can help you navigate these bureaucratic waters and get the permits you need to get moving no matter what your preferred cargo is.


Day Care License


Caring for children is one of the hardest jobs around and obtaining a day care license is just as difficult due to the fact that adults through negligence or bad intent can inflict harm on innocent children. In addition to vetting your employees and any contractors for flags that might cause denial of a license, we will work with you on the exacting specifications your facility needs to help ensure the safety of the children you will be taking care of. Our attorneys will not only help you at the beginning of the process but, should something occur, be there to defend you too.


Lender License


Following the 2008 financial crisis, lending licenses and other financial licenses became harder to obtain due to the rampant abuse of the system. With many watchdogs in this industry that is susceptible to fraud, we’ll help you create an application that helps demonstrate not only your financial acumen but your trustworthiness as well. Our attorneys are skilled at dealing with licensing boards on your behalf, so you don’t have to sweat their inquiries. We’re here to help you succeed.


No matter what you need a permit or license for, our firm has qualified and experienced professionals that can guide you every step of the way. From application to compliance, our attorneys can advise you and, if need be, defend you against unwarranted allegations. Contact our office now for a free consultation so you can be on your way to establishing the business of your dreams.

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