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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a fast-moving world with many component parts that need to be managed by skilled professionals. From trying to get the most appropriate space for your company to getting the best price possible, there are many considerations to crafting the perfect commercial real estate deal. On the other side of the ledger, as a property owner, one will try to attract as much revenue as possible for a property. Our skilled attorneys have represented both property owners and those looking to lease or buy and can ably work for either. We know the ins and outs of the commercial real estate business and are here to help you.


Lease Agreement


The drafting and execution of a lease agreement is crucial to any short or long term commercial real estate relationship. From the amount of money paid to each parties’ responsibilities for maintenance, parking, and other matters, there is no shortage of details to iron out before the ink is dry on the dotted line. Our firm is experienced in representing both the lessor and lessee and can warn of any watch outs in a lease before a final commitment is made. Additionally, our attorneys have created tailored lease agreements for clients to help guarantee the agreement is the whole reflection of the agreement and not just the boiler plate so many others produce.


Real Estate Joint Venture


Some projects are so large that the proverbial too many cooks in the kitchen is a good thing. From acquiring land to developing it and marketing it, each company may have a specialized piece of the pie that they are experts in but are unable to accomplish on their own or through outsourcing. Combining industry leaders can be a key to success. Working with our firm, we can help create a real estate joint venture agreement which protects the interests of all parties and helps foster communication and cooperation to ensure maximum success.


Development, Purchase, Sale, and Financing


Commercial real estate involves several different components. From proverbial cradle to grave, our firm can help you from developing a property to finding a buyer and financing to give you the profit you deserve. Our industry experience can help guide you when making crucial decisions and give you an edge when dealing with parties across the table who may only want what is best for their bottom line. No matter which stage of the commercial real estate process you’re at, let our experienced lawyers guide and fight for you so that you can come out of a transaction hitting every metric you expected to.


Condo Conversion


When one large property becomes too much, some owners decide to break up ownership of the property through a process called condo conversion. This allows for the owners to perhaps obtain extra income while tenants can have a place to call their own under a newly formed condo association. However, this complicated process involves various state laws and regulations and, if undertaken alone, can be rife with errors which only slow down the process. Our firm has participated in various condo conversions and can put that experience to work for you so that you can rest easy knowing that your conversion will turn out the way you intended.

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