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International Business

International business is a tricky subject for many business owners. There are many moving parts to each business, its transactions, the laws governing the business, consumers, employees and any other relevant issue. As a business owner or operator, the last thing you need to worry about is researching, checking, and double checking every law, rule, and regulation which could possibly impact your business to ensure compliance with the statutes and mores that govern your business, so you don’t run afoul of your legal obligations. Our firm is willing and able to help monitor the latest developments in the law in addition to being cognoscente of your continuing legal obligations so you can rest easy and focus on the task at hand: growing your international business in the U.S. market. 


Starting a business in the U.S. 


No matter what industry you’re in, starting a new business in the U.S. is not an easy undertaking and can lead to many missteps, such as a loss of money and reputational prestige. Working with qualified and experienced attorneys, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your business’ legal obligations are being attended to in a professional manner by attorneys who have years of training and expertise.

  • Register a new business in the U.S.: our attorneys know how and when to comply with U.S. federal, state, and local regulations so you can operate and protect your business;

  • Register a subsidiary or parent company for your existing business: if your international business is already in operation, we can work with you to register a parent company or a subsidiary which allows you to do business in the United States with a minimum of hassle;

  • Purchase an existing business or franchise: if taking on an existing operation better suits your business needs, we can help you navigate the purchase and acquisition of an existing business or franchise in the best way to comply with U.S. laws;

  • Export/import business: our attorneys are well versed in export and import law to ensure that every regulation is complied with;

  • Amazon business: taking our usual care to the next level, we incorporate tech law into all legal counsel so your Amazon-based business can be compliant with the law and any rules imposed by Amazon.


International Startups


Startups have taken on global character and with it have come the complications of creating a new, legally compliant paradigm for fast moving companies which may span industries and different legal schemes in different countries. Our lawyers are here to help you no matter what issues you may face in ensuring your new, innovative product hits the marketplace both legally and successfully. 

  • Register your startup in the U.S.: your startup may need to be registered a variety of different ways to encapsulate each industry it touches. Our experienced lawyers can work to maneuver the registration process to work to your advantage;

  • Raise capital in the U.S.: for many international startups, raising capital is one of the trickier parts the business. Our attorneys can work to set up legal vehicles to ensure you can raise the amount of capital you need without running afoul of the law. Our firm can help ensure that your business is not hampered by any capital-raising regulations;

  • Compliance with U.S. regulations: oftentimes, U.S. regulations are far more onerous than those of some other countries. Our firm’s specialized practice can help you navigate the treacherous waters that comprise U.S. regulations and how they interact with other countries.


Business immigration


The United States is a land of opportunity for many who were born elsewhere but can contribute to the growth of industry and technology over time. Our firm has worked for years to help business immigration be as seamless as possible. From visas which are job dependent and require employment to other types of business immigration, our firm has worked with many businesses and individuals to help advocate for a smooth immigration process.


Registration of US Trademarks


No matter the industry, trademarks are crucial to protecting the intellectual property of the work that you create. Our firm can work with you to help ensure that your original creations are protected by U.S. law. We can work with you to register a trademark and each component part which makes it unique and marketable so no one else steals your intellectually property and you can continue to profit from your hard work. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to ensure each possible trademark is registered.  


Contracts with US Entities


For businesses located outside of the United States and for owners of international businesses, our firm can assist with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts with US counterparts on your business’ behalf. From sales of products and services to contracting for the creation, manufacture, or implementation of your idea, we are able to translate your needs into actionable contracts with businesses and services based in the United States. Keeping your international business in mind, we will negotiate your contract to protect your interests.


Business Disputes


Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, business disputes occur. Our firm works hand in hand with you to create contracts which protects you to the best our legal ability for various deals, works with you to negotiate contracts originated from other parties, and can defend you in any part of litigation. From the beginning of any litigation process to the end of the trial process, our firm can help protect and defend your interests. We will prepare you for deposition, shepherd your discovery, and zealously advocate for you at trial. Our firm has worked for a variety of clients on business disputes.


No matter your international business issue, our attorneys are able to keep your priorities in mind. Contact our firm today for a free consultation, so we can put our experience to work for you.

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