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Internet & Technology Law

The internet and technology are at the forefront of business and personal life. There’s not a day that goes by that most Americans don’t access the internet for work, personal, or recreational use. However, for those who operate in the internet and tech economy, working out the legalities of every transaction, business formation, and other important ways to comply with the law are often from the minds of quick-thinking startup founders and tech professionals. Let our firm work with you to ensure that you comply with the law and outsource legal headaches to our experienced attorneys.


Blockchain Technology


Originally thought of only for cryptocurrencies, blockchain now is a way to democratize the distribution of cryptocurrency and information. This new way to communicate and to send and spread money across the internet is exciting for many in tech but is fraught with legal pitfalls at both the federal and state levels. Our firm can help you navigate the fraught legal waters that can imperil even the most sophisticated blockchain users.




For many, cryptocurrency has become one of the ways they effectively manage their money and make a profit on the market. This is in addition to initial exchange offerings and initial coin offerings that can help make fortunes and stand up ventures. However, these endless possibilities may instead end with legal troubles if the law isn’t followed to the letter. Our experienced attorneys can work to protect your priorities and ensure compliance with the law. In a fast moving space like cryptocurrency, the legal professionals on our team will always keep you apprised of what you need to do to stay on the right side of the law.


Internet of Things


Technology has advanced at an incredible rate over the years so much so that human interaction, even just human to technology interaction, is unnecessary for some forms of data. This is a relief for some when it comes to staffing but creates unneeded issues for developers and product companies when devices must interact with each other based on different company standards. Data sharing across platforms and devices can leave your product’s proprietary information exposed. Let us work with you to help ensure that your Internet of Things product is fully protected under the law.


Terms of Use/Privacy Policy


No matter the tech product – from hardware to software and mobile apps which are ubiquitous on consumers’ phones – everything now requires terms of use or a privacy policy to be spelled out to ensure that consumers are aware of the rights they may be signing away when they use a product. Crafting a comprehensive terms of use or privacy policy is a high order and, although some may try and copy and paste their competitors’ version, nothing beats one tailored to you and your business. Our expert attorneys will sit with you and work to ensure that you and your business are protected and everything that a consumer consents to is spelled out so there are no misunderstandings by a product user.


Master Service Agreement


One of the more overarching and comprehensive contracts a party can sign, a master service agreement, sometimes known as a framework agreement, governs the terms of a contract and work going forward. It includes the scope of work, payment, warranties for the product and any derivatives, how to resolve disputes – such as an arbitration clause, any potential liabilities, and who owns what intellectual property. Our firm has crafted master service agreements for a variety of clients and we stand ready and willing to help ensure your agreement has all it needs to give you and your business peace of mind.

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