Attorney Advertising Notice

Attorney Advertising Notice

The content of this website (“Ishimbayev Law Firm Website”, “Website”) is disseminated for the sole purpose of providing general information and is not intended to offer specific legal counsel or to establish an attorney-client relationship with Ishimbayev Law Firm, P.C. Upon accessing or utilizing this information, you acknowledge and agree that it does not substitute for professional legal advice from a licensed attorney within your jurisdiction. Actions should not be taken nor refrained from based solely on the content presented here. The content of the Website is subject to modification at any time without notice, cannot be assured to be comprehensive or current, and may not encapsulate the latest legal developments.

Portions of Ishimbayev Law Firm Website’s content may be deemed as attorney advertising under the ethical rules of certain jurisdictions. It is important to note that communicating with Ishimbayev Law Firm, P.C. without an established attorney-client relationship does not obligate the firm to maintain the confidentiality of such communications.

Pursuant to the New York Code of Professional Responsibility, we disclose that some elements of the Website constitute attorney advertising. The outcomes of any legal matters previously handled by the firm do not guarantee a similar result in future cases, as the specifics of each client’s situation are unique and influence the result. Therefore, any representation of past results is not indicative of future outcomes and is dependent on a multitude of varying factors.

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