Empowering Start-ups, Fueling Innovation

The journey of a start-up is one of innovation, guided by visionary thinking, dedication and an indomitable spirit. ILF’s dedicated team mirrors the entrepreneurial ethos, offering a partnership that cultivates your company’s success from inception to growth and beyond. Our team includes attorneys who specialize in areas critical to startup success, ready to address challenges, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities. We go beyond the traditional role of advisor to become strategic allies in your entrepreneurial journey, equipped to guide you through any legal intricacies you may encounter.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Start-ups

Our multidisciplinary strategy encompasses corporate, labor and employment, intellectual property, and economic development practices, featuring some of the nation’s foremost legal experts. This ensures well-rounded, informed, and seasoned counsel across all facets of start-up growth, including:

Protecting Talent and Innovation

Facilitating Growth and Economic Development

As your start-up evolves, our economic development specialists will tailor support to your expansion needs, helping you secure incentives and structure deals that advance your growth strategy. We are committed to structuring solutions that not only support your immediate needs, but also lay the groundwork for continued success and scalability. ILF is dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit by providing the legal foundation and strategic counsel necessary for start-ups to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Our goal is to ensure that your innovative venture not only takes off, but soars, with ILF as your trusted legal ally every step of the way.

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