Trust & Family Business

Preserving Legacy, Cultivating Family Success

ILF’s Trusts & Family Business practice is dedicated to providing customized, comprehensive legal solutions for family businesses and family offices. Our experienced attorneys combine legal expertise with a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by family businesses. This unique approach combines industry-specific insights with a deep understanding of family dynamics, ensuring that we honor the founding principles of your family business while guiding it toward sustainable future success.

Customized Legal Solutions for Family Businesses

Drawing on ILF’s deep expertise, our Family Business team provides integrated, strategic legal counsel to business owners. Our goal is to seamlessly align family and business goals across industries, including professional services, technology, manufacturing, or any other industry and family office management. With a collaborative approach, our team excels at overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on opportunities to ensure the continued success and growth of your family business.

Business Succession Planning:

Conflict Management and Resolution:

General Counsel Services:

Mergers & Acquisitions:

Wealth Preservation and Transfer:

At ILF, we focus on providing customized, comprehensive legal advice that fosters the growth and continuity of family businesses across generations. Our goal is to preserve family coherence, assist in the achievement of diverse goals, and protect the legacy of your business. ILF stands as a steadfast ally to family businesses, providing not just advice, but a partnership dedicated to preserving success and legacy.

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