Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

At Ishimbayev Law Firm, P. C., we leverage a range of technologies to curate tailored experiences for our esteemed website (“Website”) visitors. Among these tools, we employ “cookies,” small text files that our Website may place on your computer. These cookies are essential for the smooth operation of our Website, facilitating content delivery and enabling us to analyze Website usage effectively.

Your consent is pivotal for the use of specific categories of cookies. While you retain the option to block certain categories, it’s important to note that doing so may impact the functionality of the Website. Our Cookie Preference Center empowers you to manage these preferences flexibly, affording you the ability to modify them at your convenience.

So, what kinds of cookies do we utilize? There are four primary types:

  • Necessary Cookies. These cookies are indispensable for the basic functionality of the Website, ensuring core features operate as intended.
  • Functional Cookies. Functionality cookies enhance your browsing experience by remembering choices you make and customizing the Website to your preferences.
  • Analytics Cookies. These cookies enable us to gather insights into how the Website is accessed, used, and performs. This data aids us in optimizing our Website to better serve your needs.
  • Advertising Cookies. Advertising cookies are employed to deliver personalized advertisements tailored to your interests, both on the Website and across other platforms.

Further details regarding the specific functions of these cookies can be found in the “Cookies in use” section below.

Moreover, it’s important to distinguish between first-party cookies, which are set directly by Ishimbayev Law Firm, and third-party cookies, utilized by external entities such as analytics firms engaged to assess the Website performance. These cookies vary in duration; session cookies are temporary and are deleted upon closing your browser, while persistent cookies remain stored on your device, allowing us to recognize you and retain your preferences across visits to our Website.

Cookies in use

Necessary cookies are crucial for providing the services you request and ensuring our compliance with data protection laws. These cookies are typically activated in response to actions you take on the Website, such as setting preferences or filling out forms. They do not collect personally identifiable information or track your browsing habits, and opting out is not possible.

Functional cookies enhance our Website’s functionality and personalization. They may be set by us or by third-party providers whose services we integrate into our pages. Disabling these cookies may affect the performance of certain services on the Website.

Analytics cookies gather information such as the timing of your visits to the Website, the pages you view, and the duration of your stay. This data helps us assess the effectiveness of our Website and consider enhancements to better serve our visitors. We share analytics cookie data with select third parties to optimize Website performance. These cookies do not track your internet usage beyond the Website or store personal information.

Targeting cookies are employed to deliver content and information tailored to your interests. For instance, we may utilize certain on-line marketing automation platforms, to link to and embed client alert sign-up forms for email marketing purposes.

In our email communications, we utilize cookie and tracking technology to gauge engagement. This includes unique session cookies for tracking link clicks within emails, which are deleted upon closing the browser or leaving the destination page. Additionally, each email may contain a tracking GIF that registers whether the email is opened, without collecting personal information.

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